StudentRND/CodeDay Press Kit

What We Do

CodeDay is a nationwide event where students design and code games and apps in only 24 hours. Hosted 3 times a year in up to 38 cities simultaneously, CodeDay sparks an interest in Computer Science by showing high school and college students how creative and empowering coding can be.

Many organizations exist to teach students to code, but StudentRND — the non-profit which runs CodeDay — designed its flagship program to generate excitement for coding in students with no existing interest through an unusually creative and fun event format.

Students start on Saturday afternoon by pitching their ideas for projects to the entire group. Other students choose the ideas they consider the most fun, and these newly-formed teams work for 24-hours to bring the ideas to life. In addition to hosting workshops and mentoring students, CodeDay staff also run fun activities throughout the night, like karaoke and "no-hands" programming contents. Before the event ends on Sunday morning, all students show what they made.

Exceptional Results

Half of CodeDay attendees have no prior coding experience, but over 80% are still programming three months later. Because so many attendees had no prior interest, 40% of students who attend CodeDay are female and 28% are African-American or Hispanic — more than double the industry average.

StudentRND has been improving and expanding CodeDay since 2009. Starting from one event in Seattle, CodeDay expanded to cover the West Coast by 2013 and the entire US in 2014. StudentRND now operates CodeDay in 38 cities nationwide on three weekends a year: on Veteran's Day weekend in November, President's Day weekend in February, and the third weekend in May.

Press Contact

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  • CodeDay is a 24-hour programming event hosted in cities nationwide 3 times a year. StudentRND, a non-profit, runs CodeDay.
  • The goal of CodeDay is to spark an interest in programming for high school students.
  • CodeDay shows students how fun, creative, and empowering programming is. Students work with friends to build games or apps of their own designs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are CodeDay and StudentRND related?

    StudentRND is the non-profit which runs CodeDay. CodeDay is StudentRND's primary program.

  • What makes CodeDay different?

    CodeDay is the only program which generates interest in STEM, rather than delivering a full education.

  • Do you work with other STEM organizations?

    Because our focus is on generating initial interest, we refer students who attend CodeDay to STEM programs which can provide further education.

  • Do you work with schools?

    Hundreds of partner schools and districts either promote CodeDay or bus students directly to it.

    CodeDay helps these schools generate broader student interest in their existing CS classes.

  • How are you funded?

    CodeDay is primarily funded through grants — currently from Splunk and LexisNexis Risk Solutions — and individual giving.

  • Is CodeDay a hackathon?

    Because CodeDay focuses on new programmers, and does not provide large prizes or recruiting, we do not consider CodeDay a hackathon, even if it meets the technical definition.

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