Board Minutes: November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015

The meeting of the Board of Directors of StudentRND was called to order at 7:00pm by Edward Jiang.

Members Present

A quorum of members was present throughout the meeting.


Motion from Tyler to approve the Minutes from October 28, 2015. Vote: 4 for, 0 against Resolved: Motion carried

Tyler Presented the Executive Director Report:

Edward brought up the subject of increasing the salary of the Executive Director, but Tyler mentioned that he would be more comfortable waiting to make any salary decisions until another global sponsor closed. Edward agreed to table the discussion until then.

Edward discussed his findings regarding finding a new chairman. According to Edward, all board members agreed Zaq would be the best choice to take over the role of chairman after Edward leaves the board. Zaq agreed that he would take on the role, but asked for additional guidance as to what would be expected of him for the role. Tyler agreed to create a "job description" for the role of Chairman of the Board as a template, and present it to the board for consideration and further discussion, in order to provide some guidance to Zaq.

Edward then discussed the transition plan. It was agreed that, while Edward would officially remain the chair until the next board meeting, Tyler would take over several of the responsibilities in the meantime, specifically: scheduling board meetings, sending agendas, and board member recruitment.

Tyler discussed recruitment of new members for the board, and it was decided that recruiting new members should be a priority. Edward brought up the idea of adding Bob Crimmins to the board, and reception to that idea was positive. Tyler said he would meet with Bob to find out more about potential contributions he could make, as well as his interest in the role, and make a recommendation back to the board at the next meeting.

The board agreed it would be best to meet before the holidays, and asked Tyler to handle the task of coordinating that meeting.

Adjournment of Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm by Edward Jiang.