Coding lets students change the world, but most students don't want to learn. We inspire students to give coding a try. Since 2009, we've inspired tens of thousands of students to give coding a try, with a focus on women and low-income students. We run programs in over 40 cities nationwide.

CodeDay: Sparking interest in the students who need it.

The technology revolution left many groups behind. CodeDay is our proven program for closing that opportunity gap.

CodeDay, our primary program, gives students the chance to work on a project which excites them individually. Because it works with existing interests, CodeDay attracts students who don't normally identify as "coders", and gets them excited about coding.

Highly Diverse Attendees

  • 43,5743% girls
  • 38,6238% low-income
  • 28,7228% minorities

Strong Long-term Outcomes

  • 80,2080% still coding months later
  • 74,2674% attend other events

The Salinas Valley is known as the “Salad Bowl Capital of the World” due to its amazing agricultural community. Unfortunately, it is also known as one of the 13 most dangerous cities in California due to the level of gang violence. My goal as an administrator of Migrant Education Region 16 is to expose my students to the vast opportunities that exist outside of our valley.

CodeDay provided our students with a first stepping-stone into the world of “coders”. Students entered their first CodeDay with no knowledge of what to expect. They were welcomed with open arms, provided with mentors, taught basic coding skills, and began to see themselves as capable of being part of this “world.”

My students are now confident, not just as future “coders,” but as future participants in the careers that STEM has to offer!

Summer Prather-Smith Director of Migrant Education Region XVI Monterey County Office of Education
“It was an amazing journey.”
“The energy everyone had with each other... it was amazing.”
“Now I want to keep coding!”